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The benefits of providing a shelter for homeless pregnant women can never be over emphasized. I keep wondering how many women or ladies that terminated their pregnancy simply because they are jobless/homeless and lack the necessary support or encouragement needed to go through that journey of nine months.

It takes me back to sixteen months ago, when I walked into an abortion clinic with the aim of terminating my pregnancy not just because it’s unacceptable in my culture to have a baby outside wedlock but largely because I had no place of my own and I lacked the financial capability that goes with such responsibility. Thank God for the doctor that I met in the clinic who talked me out of doing it, he encouraged me to go online and look for help. Subsequently, I went on Google and typed “homeless shelter for pregnant women in Houston” that was how l found a shelter. Living in a homeless shelter helped me to learn to trust God more. It made me realize that though I am walking through the valley that God was with me. All thanks to the supportive staff that were always willing to help.
In few weeks, my baby will be a year old and whenever I look at his bright eyes,all I say is – thank God for that shelter for giving me the opportunity to give my baby a chance to live.